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How to Choose a Reliable Binary Options Broker

Posted by on Apr 6, 2016 in Binary Options | Comments Off on How to Choose a Reliable Binary Options Broker

Binary options is a financial trading instrument where you have the opportunity of earning a large profit in a short period of time. To trade in binary options, you need to work with brokers such as Porter Finance. They are the ones who can offer you a platform where you can carry out your binary options trade.

If you want to trade in binary options, then you have to choose a good broker you will be dealing with. The best one usually has a lot of resources to help you experience smooth binary options trading. They provide good customer service to their traders. Moreover, they are only of low cost or even cost free – you can trade with them already!

shutterstock_226887976-300x300When you are searching for a broker, it is important to be keen on good customer service. You have to stay away from those brokers that do not offer quality customer service as it is not that worth it to trade with them. What you are looking for in a broker is that you are well-assisted in this trade where you are expecting a high potential for return and low risk.

The most important factor to take note of when you are choosing a broker is their offered best features. You want to find a broker like Porter Finance that offers not only the highest returns but also attractive offers such as bonuses. That way, you are given more possibilities for trading in the binary option’s live market environment.

Porter Finance Review - USA Binary Options Broker

It is necessary that you look for a broker who can provide you with the profit that you actually deserve. It is a plus for traders if they can find a binary options broker that allows for a free sign up. This is already a good sign right from the get go. There should be no worries in finding these “free sign up” brokers because they are quite easy to find. You just have to make sure that the one you find has a positive reputation.

100secureThere is also the concern about privacy. As much as possible, the broker must provide the greatest privacy policy to the traders. The said privacy policy should not only cover the funds but also the personal information of the trader. All of the information stored in the database of the trading platform should be completely safe – 100 percent.

Find a broker with the best reviews, especially when these mention quality customer service. It is important that you find such a broker because you know you will only be receiving quality customer service from them if it is already verified by the other traders. Also, great customer service is necessary because there will always come a time when you will need help from the broker’s support team.


The quality of their software or trading platform should be determined. This is a crucial aspect when you are choosing who you will prefer as your broker. The platform should be easy to deposit, sign up, log into, or withdraw from. You have to do a thorough research beforehand so that you can determine whether or not the broker has a good trading platform or software.

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Porter Finance: How Much Minimum Deposit Is Required

Posted by on Apr 6, 2016 in Binary Options | Comments Off on Porter Finance: How Much Minimum Deposit Is Required

A lot of people are looking for a broker for binary options who can offer them high rewards in exchange for a low minimum deposit. One of the best binary options broker in existence these days with that particular offering is the Porter Finance. The minimum deposit required by the said broker is lower compared to the other top brokers in binary finance, after all.

The minimum deposit required by the said broker from their new traders is just USD 200, CAD 250, AUD 250, GBP 200, or EUR 200. The currency for the minimum deposit required of you will depend on what currency your account is being run in. If you have an account that is being run in US Dollar, then you have to make the minimum deposit of USD 200. If it is in Australian Dollar, then you have to make a minimum deposit of AUD 250.

internationalWith this information alone, you can understand that the minimum deposit is not equivalent in all of the currencies available. The minimum deposit required will depend significantly on the current exchange rate. For example, there are times when you cannot afford to make a minimum deposit in US Dollar, but you should be able to do so if you exchange it to Australian Dollar.

For the new traders, a lot of them make the mistake of choosing a currency that is other than their home country’s currency. Before deciding on what currency to have for the binary options trading account, it is highly recommended that the exchange rate is observed keenly. After all, the currency will depend heavily on that. Also, remember that if you go for the cheapest currency right now, you might end up getting the short end of the stick. There is a possibility that the currency will just grow weaker. That will eventually mean that you are losing money daily.

Trading Currency Pairs with Binary Options

You should not allow this misconception to trick you into an unfortunate situation. Otherwise, you will just be losing money that will subsequently lead to the end of your trading career. No matter how successful you are in your trading venture, the exchange rate will kill your profit. This is one of the situations that you have to steer clear from.

With Porter Finance, you are guaranteed that the minimum deposit you are required of is slightly below the average. There are brokers nowadays that require the traders to initially deposit 100 dollars while there are those that require their traders to deposit a minimum of 500 dollars. Porter Finance is just smack dab in the middle of the said minimum deposit extremes.


In case you still have some money you can spend, you should consider depositing more than the minimum deposit requirement. You can aim to comply with the minimum deposit requirement for the said broker’s silver account. The minimum deposit for the silver account is at 2,500 dollars.

The good thing about the silver account is that it has more free features than the regular account. You can enjoy five webinars, three one-on-one lessons, three risk-free trades, money management system, and a dedicated broker. These are features that will help you learn more about the trade.

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6 Types of Binary Options Offered by Porter Finance

Posted by on Apr 6, 2016 in Binary Options | Comments Off on 6 Types of Binary Options Offered by Porter Finance

Binary options trading is a popular financial instrument trading nowadays. The popularity of the said trade is all thanks to the fact that it is an easy platform to trade in. You do not need to deposit thousands of dollars just to start trading. Moreover, it is not too complicated so even beginners can earn a profit on their first try for trading.

Out of the many trading platforms that you can choose, one of the best is Porter Finance. This is the broker that can offer you six different types of binary options. You should make sure to learn what these types are so that you can understand what options you have, which one will give you the most profit, and so on. Here are some of the binary option types that one can enjoy with Porter Finance.

BINARY. This is the high/low options that the said trading platform offers. In this type of binary option, you predict whether the underlying asset’s price will go beyond or below the opening price over a certain period of time. Usually, this particular type of binary option trade generates payouts of as much as 85 percent.


PAIR. This type of binary option is a new addition to the trade. You are not investing in one asset’s performance but with a pair option. This is what allows you to make an investment in two separate assets that have a relationship to each other. You will then make a prediction on which of these two performs better after a set period of time.


LONG-TERM OPTION. The said binary option type is a variation of the high and low options. It is up to you to make a prediction on whether the asset rises or falls over a set period of time. However, the said period can be extended to the end of a week or end of a month. You can let a robot handle this. Just make sure you read binary option robot review first before choosing which one to have for the trade.

60 SECONDS. In binary options trading, you can make a trade for as quick as 60 seconds. There is the 60 seconds option, which is the complete opposite of the long term option. In this type of binary options, you take the concept of high and low options to a short time frame. In the 60 seconds option, you can choose an expiry time from 30 seconds up to 300 seconds.

Porter Finance Broker Review

Porter Finance’s trading platform is user-friendly and easy to use. Watch the video below to learn about how it works.

ONE TOUCH. This particular option is different from the high and low options as you are predicting whether the asset’s price will actually touch a set target price of the option within a given time frame. With Porter Finance, the payout for those traders participating in the one touch option can be as much as 500 percent.

LADDER. A rather innovative type of binary option, this is the binary option type which permits you to make an investment in the price of an asset in relevance to the different levels of prices. This should give the trader a payout of as much as 1500 percent. This is also a safe investment for the traders.


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All You Need to Know About Binary Options

Posted by on Apr 6, 2016 in Binary Options | Comments Off on All You Need to Know About Binary Options

Binary options is one of the categories of trading. It involves the traders who are trading with online brokers such as Porter Finance. During the trading process, the trader will purchase an options contract and this particular contract will have two possible outcomes. The first outcome is being right in-the-money while the other one is being out-of-the-money.

The two outcomes for binary options can be easily determined. The trader just needs to predict correctly to which direction an underlying asset expires, whether it be higher or lower than a certain price. Way back in the past, the binary option trade is a complex industry. This is due to the fact that it is always being traded OTC or over-the-counter. Moreover, the market is also unregulated and illiquid.

manwithtabletNowadays though, binary options are becoming more and more transparent as an options trading. This is even oftentimes referred to as fixed return or digital options trading. The said option is very much accessible to all traders. It does not matter if you are a beginner in the trade or an advanced trader.

Recently as well, the binary options are now being traded around-the-clock. It is now open in any  market. This particular feature provides the industry a good edge which makes it difficult for other trading instruments to overcome.

Another positive thing about the binary options is that it offers more options to trade. Binary options have a wide range of assets that include commodities, indices, and stocks. You can trade whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever it suits you.


There is minimum risk involved in the said trade. Since you have minimal risk in the binary options trading industry, you can easily multiple your investment. In addition, you have a diversified portfolio so it should be easy to earn money with the said trade. You can choose your own market and level of risks. Consequently, this should significantly increase your potential for profit.

You are not required to have extensive knowledge about the financial market just so you can begin trading in the binary options. While that may be the case though, do not think that it is okay to not study at all. You need to carry out your own market research just so you can increase the potential for success.

Binary Options for Beginners

It is not that difficult to find a trading platform. The diverse trading platforms, one of which is the Porter Finance, allows you to choose which one is the best for you. It is even possible for you to take advantage of a binary option robot. In no time, you should be able to enjoy the advantages that binary options have to offer.

trader_3d_stacked_screens-crop-u13901There are still a lot of things worth knowing about binary options. You have to learn as much as you can, even if you are a beginner. The more knowledge you gain along the way, the easier it is for you to trade. You are increasing your chances of earning a lucrative profit as well. Make sure that you are trading in a reputable trading platform like Porter Finance though, so that you can effectively earn your profit.

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